The Emergence Of The Seabed Tribe▪︎


Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

Witness the banished Tunes
Now called the Seabed Tribe
Who foraged on warmth
Forged from hearths beneath.
The earth was their home
Even all that’s underneath
But were pushed
To depths beyond
By the tainted evil Tunes.

Not at peace within,
With all that once was theirs
They stretched far to surface
To take what was truly theirs
That they conveyed,
By a little talking bird.
The Tunes raged
At the humble bravery
Worn by the Seabed Tribe
So opt they did,
to rid them all of life.

It was a bloody war
On the former Tunes
Storms doused the flames
They called up from their stones
The sun burned their miry skin
And they howled on Pity’s Bay
The moon chased their shadows
On a starless eve
And then they espied
Their design, a murky dream.

Missing not the young and old,
The blood and bones
Of the Seabed Tribe
Built all of Pity’s Bay
A careful display to all
Who may obtain
A sudden flare of spite
It was the Locknus Tunes
Who crimed the Seabed Tribe
O’Curse the Locknus Tunes
For all their abject vice!


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Dorothy “Dee” Umoh

Dorothy “Dee” Umoh

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